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Family-owned and operated since 1962, Mark Vend has grown a lot in 50 years — which is a good match for the fast-growing community of Buffalo Grove. Vending is not a static industry. In fact, far from it. The best vending companies go above and beyond to deliver a truly unique experience. As with most businesses, the devil's in the details...

...Details like equipment. We ensure accurate tracking of sales and inventory by using the most advance computer systems in the industry. This results in more reliable vending, and faster delivery and restocking.

...Details like people. Our group of hard-working, professional employees understands that the customer is king...and knows how to not only deliver products, but the highest level of customer service as well.

...Details like trucks. Our trucks aren't just vehicles, they're a representation of our business. That's why we keep them clean, safe, efficient and well maintained for pinnacle appearance and performance.

...Details like the environment. What's more important than maintaining the world we live in? That's why we are committed to environmentally conscious practices. From our low-emission, fuel-efficient trucks, to our energy-saving vending machines, to our reusable plastic bins for product shipment...we do what it takes to be as green as possible.  

Down to the details, we do things right. "Check Mark" today. Call Mark Vend at 847-291-9216 for your free, no obligation consultation. Or visit www.markvend.com.