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Turn your break room into a self-contained convenience store with Mark Vend's Avanti Market. Breaks are a productivity killer. Fifteen minutes here and there to grab lunch or coffee might not seem like much, but multiply that lost time by the amount of people leaving the office over the span of a year and that's a big hit on the bottom line.

Never fear, an Avanti Market can help. We'll turn a portion of your office into a convenience store with modern efficient coolers, attractive fixtures and hundreds of product options...to keep people happy and productive.  

Avanti Markets allow for a completely customizable inventory of products. From traditional snacks and beverages to healthier choices, customers can touch, feel and review nutritional content for each product before purchasing.


Each market has its own web-based inventory management system, which makes store management and product evaluations simple. Furthermore, a built in security system deters theft, making the market even more self-sufficient.

Self Checkout Kiosk

Self-checkout kiosks make the process simple. Customers just choose the items they want, scan the UPC codes and pay by swiping a credit card (MasterCard, Visa and Discover accepted). We also offer market keytags, which can be linked to a credit card account or pre-funded with cash.

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